SQ3W-63 220V single Phase dual power Automatic Transfer Switch ats 220v

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Place of Origin:
Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Max. Current:
Max. Voltage:
Change over time:
Less than 800A 1S/0.5S, 800A~300A1.2S/2.4S
Operation type:
Auto&Manual, or Automatic Transfer Switch 63A 2P ATS
Max current::
Rated voltage:
Double complex Contact,Zero Arc,distinct on&off Position indicator
Automatic Transfer Switch
10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Packaging Details
wooden box packing
Lead Time
about 6 days


Product Description


SQ3W-63 series automatic transfer switch is designed and developed by our company according to universal customers’ requirements. This switch uses DZ47 miniature circuit breaker (improved type) as the actuating element, is equipped with the new type control mechanism. With the smallest volume among the similar products, it also has the functions like the fire control and power generation, and, it is specially used in the important power supply locations where the power failure is not allowed.


Product Details Show





1.Continuous production line
2.Ship engine room
3.220V 1-Phase 60-Hz Automatic Transfer Switch 63A 2P ATS
4.Vital area of thermopower station
5.Generator power transfer switch ATS switch


1.Port and railway system
2.Highway lighting system
3.Control system in troops post place
4.220V 1-Phase 60-Hz Automatic Transfer Switch 63A 2P ATS
5.Effective electric energy management
6.Load shield
8.220V 1-Phase 60-Hz Automatic Transfer Switch 63A 2P ATS


Scope of application

  • Ambient air temperature should be within -25℃~40℃, the mean value within 24hours should not exceed 35℃;
  • Atmospheric conditions: the air should be clean, the relative humidity should not exceed 50% at 40℃, higher relative humidity is permissible at low temperature condition; for instance, RH may reach 90% at 20℃, but should take the condensation into consideration that may caused by temperature change;
  • The altitude of installation site should not exceed 2000m, it should be used indoors;
  • The installation site of 220V 1-Phase 60-Hz Automatic Transfer Switch 63A 2P ATS should be free of strenuous vibration or impact, no corrosion affecting the electric elecments, DC automatic transfer switch ;
  • If beyond the abovementioned conditions, please negotiate with the manufacturer when placing the order;
  • If the switch is intended for offshore oil or nuclear power station,  shall enter into an additional technical agreement.

Control Charactaristics

  • The switch has 3 poles or 4 poles(3 poles +on or off neutral pole); SQ3N (WATSN) power automatic transfer switch ats
  • 220V 1-Phase 60-Hz Automatic Transfer Switch 63A 2P ATS. 7 current grades can be divided into 16A 20A 25A 32A 40A 50A 63A 80A 125A 160A 200A 225A 250A 315A 350A 400A 500A 630A 800A 1000A 1250A 1600A 2000A 2500A 3200A;
  • Basic type of 220V 1-Phase 60-Hz Automatic Transfer Switch 63A 2P ATS: Main stand-by power, self-cast, self-reset;

Changeover time




Company Information

Company Information


Xinchi Electric Co., Ltd. is a profeeesional manufacturer for various types of electrical products. We mainly deal with TUV CE approved compatible mc4 pv branch connector male/female plug and socket solar energy system,Circuit Breaker,Contactor,Isolator Switching,Combiner Box,Control and Protective Switch,Automatic Transfer Switch, TUV CE approved compatible mc4 pv branch connector male/female plug and socket solar energy system.


Also an ISO9001:2008 certified companym we have obtained many certificatesm such as IEC60947, IEC60898, CB, SAA, TUV, CE, SONCAP, RoHS, PCT, CCC, etc, TUV CE approved compatible mc4 pv branch connector male/female plug and socket solar energy system.


Stabulity, expertise and technilogical innovation are the cornor stones of the company’s business strategy. Aiming at reliable product quality and highest customers satisfication, we are consistently deep-ening enterprise inner reform and fully carry out quality guarantee system.


Technology Innovation, Famous in the world.





Why Choose us?
1. 11 years of experience in development about the product of electronic communications, 
smart home, wireless products.
2. Absolutely prompt delivery time. 
3. Welcome OEM/ODM Project.

How to place order?
1. Please tell us the model and quantity and other request.
2. Proforma Invoice confirmed, the order will be arranged upon receipt of your payment.
3. Confirm and ship the goods, then tracking number will be sent to you promptly.
4. We will help to track your goods until you receive them safely.


Contact us

Contact us

Manager Name:Tony LAU

Phone:86-577-6289 0578 or 86-577-6289 0205

Cell Phone:0086 135 6776 8082 


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