Fitness Band Manufacturers Based in Shenzhen – ThinkRace 

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Fitness Band Manufacturers Based in Shenzhen – ThinkRace

ThinkRace Technology was founded in 2006 with the objective of designing and manufacturing top quality gadgets such as GPS trackers, GPS watches, Pet Tracker, Car GPS Tracker and for providing innovative security and fitness monitoring devices using wireless communications technologies. Our founders were from leading notch telecommunication firms like Huawei, Lenovo, CoolPad and the like. Based on their prior experience, we focused upon providing top quality products at a less pricey selling price, while guaranteeing the overall quality and performance.

In the first 3 years, the firm launched a selection of products, varying from GPS trackers to OEM activity bracelet manufacturer, from Pet trackers to GPS watches along with other electronic devices products for safety and communication purposes.

ThinkRace has co-operated with many clients (G4S, Orange, Viettel, etcetera.) on location tracking and communication projects. Thinkrace’s growth model is based on being 1 step ahead of the market, chronic creation and increasing customer satisfaction. We’ve developed into a market head with products bought from in excess of 50 countries. We have sub-branches in Canada, India, Netherlands and Indonesia to provide services to our international customers.

Founded on the good result and testimonials coming from both our distributors and customers, we continue developing software programs for safety tracking and communication devices. We’re developing a system for our whole products, just like fleet management system, home safety system for safeguarding kids, older people, and your animals. We are delivering ultra-reliable safety tracking services in the form of 8,000,000 devices in a large scale system by working with Amazon AWS cloud.

ThinkRace team won’t cease, we’re always keeping the zeal on generating new products to make it easy for household safety and fitness.

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Location: 2108, 1F, Building B, GuoRen Communication Building, No.5 Science Third Road, High Technology Park District, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China
Tel: +86-13602585716
Email: [email protected]


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