Private-brand NRF51822 Bluetooth LE Module Wholesaler Based In Shenzhen China

Printed Circuit Board and Private-brand NRF51822 Bluetooth LE Module Wholesaler Based In Shenzhen China

Shenzhen MOKOSmart Technology Ltd

Set up in 2003, MOKOSmart is a pro vendor of Customizable Fitness Bracelet and PCB Board. Our company is devoted to EMS (electronics producing support) for practically 15-year including PCB Design & Layout, PCB Manufacturing, Electronic Circuit Board Assembly, PCBA Prototype, PCBA Test, Electronic Component Sourcing and Manufacturing for kinds of smart gadget producing particularly, iBeacons, and many others.

Circuit Card Design & Layout
You give us a schematic, we show you a circuit board, even you give us a thought, we make it be realized. MOKOSmart has a highly skilled techie team to design your PCB solutions no matter whether it is small or large. With specialist software and skills by the standard of industrial first-rate level, we are forced to one of the best PCB producers.

PCB Manufacturing (Printed Circuit Board FAB)
As being a competent Circuit Card manufacturer in China started in 2003, until now we have produced a lot of Electronic Circuit Boards consisting of FR4, FR1, CEM1, FPC, Metal Core Electronic Circuit Board and Rogers PCB, and so forth. With the advantage of material and part purchasing channels, we have the ability of fast Electronic Circuit Board prototype –48 hrs right after purchase confirmation.

MOKOSmart Limited provides you with tunkey Electronic Circuit Board assembly services for electronics manufacturing, from parts sourcing, Circuit Card manufacturing, SMT, DIP, Circuit Card assembly to final product assembly. With the fineness of substantial-scale acquiring (of IC, resistances, capacitance, inductance, diode and audion, and the like.) and quality-first sense, we contract with the extraordinary part suppliers from China and aboard to cultivate long-term alliance, this assures superior quality and regular supply, aiming at transferring the benefit to our clientele. We’ve been working together with the buyers from Usa, Germany, Russia, Israel, Iran, India, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and many others.

SMT Processing Production line
Today we have 8 SMT Lines and 3 DIP Lines to implement Printed Circuit Board assembly. The accuracy and precision of chip positioning is around +0.1MM, suggesting we have specialized skills in producing a lot of printed integrated circuit boards which include SO, SOP, SOJ, TSOP, TSSOP, QFP, BGA and U-BGA with surface-mount technology (SMT), thru-hole technology (THT) and combined technology components.

DIP Assembly Production line
MOKOSmart has 3 DIP assembly lines, pro working platforms and carriers, which makes certain a output capacity of 1,500,000 pcs daily. For every process, technical and standard operation guidelines are made to follow, with strict KPI, this makes sure of 99.8% of pass for every PCBA. Much lower our rejects, lead to more value for buyers.

With ISO9001, SGS, CE, FCC, ROHS, UL and MSDS certificated, we are supplying one-stop PCB Assembly services for countless world famous OEM customers who specialize in merchandising and designing in the industries of electronic devices, security control, industrial automation, health-related & health, counter devices et cetera, additionally, also manufacturing an array of modules which include smartbands, WiFi / HM-11 Bluetooth Smart modules, wifi power outlets and BTLE beacons.

100Percent total satisfaction is our aim to create for our clients and partners, which is helping us make win-win business structure and grow with our buyers. With your support, we will be one of the finest Chinese PCB & PCB Assembly suppliers.

Find Us

Contact page form:
Location: 4F, Building #2, Guanghui Science Park, MinQing Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China Zipcode: 518109
Manufacturing Plant Address: Building No.1 3F, Shenlan Industry Park, #240 Fuqian RD, Guanlan, Longhua District, Shenzhen, 518110


Circuit Board and HM-11 BLE Module Designer Situated In China

Circuit Board and HM-11 BLE Module Designer Situated In China

Sato Intelligent Technologies Limited

Welcome to Shenzhen Sato Intelligent Technology Limited (SATECH). Set up in the year 2003, SATECH is a knowledgeable manufacturer of Circuit Board & PCBA and EMS (electronics producing support) with virtually 15-year experience in Circuit Board Design & Layout, Circuit Card Production, Electronic Circuit Board Assembly, PCBA Prototype, PCBA Test, Electronic Part Finding and OEM for kinds of smart electronic production for example,iBeacons.

Electronic Circuit Board Design & Layout
You bring us a schematic, we offer you a circuit board, even you give us a good idea, we make it be realized. SiTech has a highly trained expert team to design your printed circuit board solutions no matter whether it is small or large. With impressive software and practical experience by the standard of industrial first-rate level, we are determined to one of the most effective Circuit Card producers.

Electronic Circuit Board Manufacturing (PCB FAB)
As being a reliable Circuit Card manufacturer in China started in 2003, until now we have produced a variety of Circuit Cards, for instance, FR4, FR1, CEM1, FPC, Metal Core Electronic Circuit Board and Rogers PCB Board, and so on. With the benefit of material and component sourcing channels, we have the ability of fast Printed Circuit Board sample –48 hours just after purchase confirmation.

SATECH LTD provides turnkey Circuit Card assembly services for electronics manufacturing, from components buying, Circuit Board production, SMT, DIP, Electronic Circuit Board assembly to end-product assembly. With the virtue of substantial-scale acquiring (of IC, resistances, capacitance, inductance, diode and audion, and the like.) and quality-first sense, we contract with the wonderful part suppliers from home and aboard to establish long-term union, this guarantees original quality and stable supply, aiming at transmitting the benefit to our clientele. We’ve been working together with the clients from America, Germany, Russia, Yemen, UAE, Japan, Spain, France, Italy, Israel, Iran, India, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and so on.

SMT Assembly Line
There are now 8 SMT Lines and 3 DIP Lines to do PCB Board assembly. The accuracy and precision of chip placement is nearly +0.1MM, revealing we have professional skills in manufacturing heaps of different printed integrated circuit boards particularly SO, SOP, SOJ, TSOP, TSSOP, QFP, BGA and U-BGA with surface-mount technology (SMT), thru-hole technology (THT) and merged technology parts.

DIP Assembly Production line
SATECH has 3 DIP processing lines, certified working platforms and carriers, which makes sure a yield of 1,500,000 pieces on a daily basis. For every process, technical and standard operation instructions are made to follow, with strict KPI, this makes sure of 99.8% of pass for every PCBA. Straight down our defects, achieve more value for clients.

With ISO9001, SGS, CE, FCC, ROHS, UL and MSDS certified, we are presenting entire Printed Circuit Board Assembly services for plenty of well regarded OEM customers who specialize in online marketing and designing in the fields of electronic devices, security control, industrial automation, healthcare & well being, counter gadgets and so forth, also, also making a wide range of modules such as WiFi / Bluetooth Low Energy modules, GPRS/GSM communication modules and marketing beacons.

100Per cent total satisfaction is our main objective to create for our buyers and business partners, which is helping us grow win-win business model and grow with our clients. With your help, we’ll be one of the most suitable Chinese Circuit Card & PCBA brands.

Reach Out to Us

Workspace Location: 3F, Block B, Tinwe 33 Innovation Park, HuaLe Road 33#, HengGang, LongGang Dist., Shenzhen, China.
TEL: 86 0755 2100 8827
Mailbox: sales[at]

How Come I Need a PCB Assembly Service?

How Come I Need a PCB Assembly Service?

Here’s a question we get asked more often than we might otherwise expect: “Why should I require a PCB’A service?

PCBA is among the mainstays of consumer electronics today, although that’s only been the case for the last 3-4 years. Because of the growth and development of surface mount technology (often referred to as SMT) and other advanced production techniques, it’s now more simpler and easier for many companies to delegate their projects to a PCBA service than to accomplish it on their own.

But nevertheless, it’s good to review why things have developed in this way. So let’s take a peek at Printed Circuit Board assembly many of the major reasons a producer need to look for PCB Assembly services to assist in their production.

The Perks of a PCB Assembly Service

1. Doing it in-house requires a lot of expensive investments. It used to be that everyone did their own electronics manufacturing, however , it demands a massive capital in production lines and equipment, not forgetting workers and expertise. For most companies, there’s little expected ROI on an investment like that, even looking years in the future.

2. Economies of scale production . Another key benefit of entrusting your PCB assembly is that allows you to leverage the investments others have made into producing technology. A huge, dedicated electronics assembly facility will be able to produce more pieces, a lot quicker, and at a lower cost

3. Design & Layout services in many cases are included in the deal. While this isn’t true of all Printed Circuit Board services, many offer design services to help you refine your designs. Professional Printed Circuit Board makers can often engineer top-quality solutions and help you produce higher quality products, while at low costs.

4. Accurate expertise. Nearly all major electronics assembly companies have years or even tens of years of experience in mass-producing electronics. That’s expertise that could be incredibly costly if you went looking to a specialist to oversee your own operations, but comes relatively cheap when you work with an contracted assembly company.

5. Assured quality control. One other serious problem with self-assembly of electronics components is QC. On top of the plants, do you have the resources to check and ensure the quality of the PCBs that you manufacture? Major electronics manufacturers have extensive quality control processes and are able to provide premium components.

And all of this results in key point:

If you don’t have confidence in the parts, you can’t trust the final product.

Any electronics business with any regards for its future has to consider its fame to be vitally important. People nowadays can make use of the Internet to instantly study your firm and also all your competitors. If you become recognized for putting out low-quality products, it can become a nearly insurmountable issue.

The best way to have reliable final products is to ensure that reliable components get into their manufacture. Apart from improving your own products, this tends to also aid your engineers as well. After all, if something does go wrong, knowing that all your components were made to top-line specifications will make it less difficult for them to locate the actual source of the issue.

Therefore, in short, why do you’ll need a PCB’A service? For the low cost, for the higher quality, and for the peace of mind that comes with putting out a reliable product. There is simply little reason to accomplish your own production in-house, and lots of reasons to look outside your company as an alternative.

Turnkey PWB Service Providers in China

Turnkey PWB Service Providers in China

Leadsintec Co.,Ltd

Leadsintec Co.,Ltd is an electronic manufacturing service (EMS) supplier based in Shenzhen China since the year 2004. As being an ISO 9001 certified electronics contract brand, we supply a variety of circuit card, component purchase, PCB assembly, box-build, testing services.

Thanks to the past 11+ years ample expertise of fabricating, Leadsintec has accumulated a solid fame in China and other countries. Our goods are mainly utilized for the Electronics , Industrial, Automation, Automobile, Agriculture, Defense, Aerospace, Health-related and also Security market segments.

Our intention is to assist small and mid-sized clients in cutting down their investment by providing entire services, high-mixed, small and medium volume services. With our seasoned program administrators, process specialists, production staff and procurement professionals, we are now ready to grasp and go above and beyond your needs.

Leadsintec’s producing facilities consist of neat workshops and superior high-speed SMT lines. Our chip placement precision can certainly achieve +0.1MM on IC parts. This indicates we can easily deal with practically a myriad of integrated circuits, which include SO, SOP, SOJ, TSOP, TSSOP, QFP, BGA and also U-BGA. Also, we can easily offer 0201 chip placement, through-hole part insertion and final merchandise manufacture, test and packing.

In accordance with :

A-TECH CIRCUITS CO.,LIMITED is a agreement Circuit Board manufacture enterprise centered at Shenzhen China, which concentrate on quick turn PCB Board prototype, small to medium volume Electronic Circuit Board manufacture and assembly services. It was established in 2003, with around 550 professional full-time staff, we’re in a position to accomplish yield 15,000 square metre(s) every month, which include around 3000 sorts of quick PCB prototype. The PWB (printed circuit board) we produced are widely put into use for various electronic industries, just like PC peripherals, aerospace, telecommunication, vehicles, health related systems, cameras, optoelectronic products and etc .. Upwards of 80% of our Electronic Circuit Board goods are released to The European Countries, Canada And America as well as Parts of asia.

A-Tech Circuits always stays with the thought of “quality first, prompt delivery and purchaser satisfaction”. As we center on level of quality, price, punctual delivery and uninterrupted progress, we are able to meet particular needs from global high technology corporations. On top of that, We have been qualified : ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, TS16949 and UL (UL No: E357001) and also complied with the RoHs & WEEE requirement for lead free PCB Board products through SGS test.

We realize that there does exist a lot of competition in the Electronic Circuit Board industry, nevertheless we’re positive that our commitment of top quality, service and quick turnaround times put us in front of the curve. Not only will we demonstrate to you that we’re worthy of your business and belief, but also we shall explain to you for what reason our clients generally come back.

As a way to match varied customer needs world wide, A-TECH will provide an broad range of PCB fabrication and service, this is a listing of the products and services we now supply:

Rigid FR4 PCB Board
Bendable PCB Board
Rigid-flex PWB
Metal Core / LED PCB Board
Micro-wave / RF PCB Board
Circuit Board Assembly

Contact Details
A-Tech Circuits Co., Ltd.
Address: JiaYu Building, ShaJiang Rd, SongGang Town, Bao’an District, ShenZhen , China.
Telephone: 86 (0) 755 3326 0657
Fax: 86 (0) 755 2306 4829

China Circuit Board Makers for from Prototype to Manufacturing in China

Ourpcb Tech Ltd.

In line with :

Regarding Us

OurPCB is a global PCB manufacture and Assemblage producer who offers Overseas service and support by working with our capabilities.

We provide reasonable rates, pro service and support and short delivery time. We do that because we are the producer. OurPCB Tech, Our main firm in China was founded in The year 2005, and has provided experienced Circuit Board manufacture and Assembly services for at least 2,500 consumers across the world. In order to gratify our shoppers’various needs and specifications for PCB assembling, We set up our individual Circuit Board Assy factory in April 2011.

Our plant has cutting-edge devices, but not solely 3 high speed SMT production lines, Siemens HS50 Pick and placers, Siemens F5 pick and placers, Heller 1809 Reflows, Speedline MPM printers, OK intelligent solder irons, And Otek AOI devices to mention a few. We support BGA, QFP, LGA, QFN and DIP SIP assy forms.., The minimal SMT footprint we can mount is 0201. Our manufacturing plant can also provide programming, Wiring along with injecting and conformal coating services.

Our Assemblage plant has ISO9001 Certifications, For empty Circuit Card manufacture, we also have ISO and UL certifications., Therefore OurPCB is highly ideal for dealing with / Producing good quality assembling projects which satisfy the latest high-quality standards. web site is associated with OurPCB GROUP, is focused on running businesses of precise Board to Board, Solar power photoelectric connector, I/O connectors, industrial Terminal blocks and cable assemblage for PC & add-ons.

Get in contact with Us

OurPCB Australia PTY LTD
Mail: sales[at]
Tel 0061-03-9785-1090
Tel 0061-0417-264-974
Address: Suite 3A, 85 Bardia Ave,Seaford VIC 3198

Ourpcb Technology Ltd.
Mail: sales[at]
Tel : 86-311-85981900 86-311-85981877
Address: 3F,Nanhai Plaza,NO.505 Xinhua Road Xinhua Region, Shijiazhuang City Hebei China

OurPCB Manufacturing plant
Tel +86-311-82190340,82190343
Telephone number +86-311-82190477
Location: #1,Xinke industrial Zone, Yunkai Rd, Luquan economic&industry development district, Shijiazhuang City Hebei Province China

China Reliable PCB Manufacturing Partner Positioned in China

About HTD Group

Commercial: Your PCB producing Partner in China

With over Fifteen years of expertise, HTD Group is speedily getting to be the obvious option for PCB manufacturers in China. We are satisfied to manufacture excellent boards, and make available a secure and effective place of work for our above 1000 people.

For about 15 years, HTD Circuits is always focused on satisfying the requirements of our consumers by supplying the right resources and tools to make doing business quick and easy.

-Peter Cai, CEO

There are plenty of challenges in conducting business from countries to countries. Not only do companies need to be worried about time zone diversities and language difficulties, but moreover, that PCB??s are manufactured with branded materials and are completed on-time and on-budget! And for those scarce instances an order arrives with a problem, the confidence and trust that the manufacturer remedies the trouble promptly .

To reduce these challenges and to set us beyond our challengers based in China:

Multi-lingual office staff in China that speak a number of different languages
>>100Percent defect-free promised
>>99% on-time shipping
>>Price protection guaranteed
>>Internet based ordering and ERP system 24 /7
>>Global shipping and inventory management software programs

We are worthy of the victory , it has taken Fifteen years of hard work and the ability to jump out in an ever-changing, global industry.

HTD Group is one of many world??s major and dedicated multilayer PCB suppliers. Our passion for electronic products and other semiconductors has assisted us to turn into one of the best PCB producers in the commercial. Aside from this, it has advised us to grow past the boundaries of our country and access the world.

PCBs from HTD Group Circuits are the results of the best and newest technological progresses in the domain of electronic circuit design engineering. These consist of a number of different components assembled together like a waterfall you can use to conduct quite a few functions all at the same time by making a complete circuit. We make it a point to cover all the components which have been assembled, so that it’s simple for you to make proper use of it, regardless of whether you are an specialist or an inexperienced.

Typically, China comes with a great market for electronics, steel engineering suppliers and manufacturers but their manufacturing skills are reputable too. HTD Circuits as PCB producers is the owner of a huge PCB manufacturing facility which supplies all sorts of PCBs you can think of! PCBs could be printed according to your special specs, including 2-3 layers to those rising up to as many as 16 layers.

HTD Group Circuits is focused on provide the greatest service. Because of this , all of the PCB fabrication processes is done under the most exacting QC and from the best quality components, under professional supervision. We additionally provide you with excellent quality aluminum PCBs, copper boards, laser cut stencils, flexible PCBs and a number of other kinds of customized PCB that are great for your demand and affordability.

Contact with Us

Building # D3, The third Industrial Zone, Fuqiao, Fuyong Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong China
Telphone: +0086-755-8146 2930
Fax : +0086-755-8146 2931

According to :

MOKO Fast-turn Printed Circuit Board Mfg at Good Prices

MOKO Fast-turn Printed Circuit Board Mfg at Good Prices

With quick turn Circuit Cards at cheap pricing, MOKOTech enables corporations to make certain superior fabrication and enhance business profitability.

Mokotechnology is an expert in supplying quick-turn Electronic Boards to a range of industries, on top of their PWB needs. According to the enterprise representative, they retain a quick turn-around time of fewer than twenty-four hours. An engineer can hand in the file early in the morning and can rest assured of the same day shipping.

The spokesperson explains that their quick turnaround time promotes superior Mfg. Many different industrial purchasers utilize them for their Express PCB to help develop prototypes at a faster pace. The company gives high quality when it comes to obtaining Printed Circuit Boards more quickly and at good prices. With quality PC Boards, the providers will boost their lucrativeness. MOKO has a State of the Art Mfg facility and has A decade of past experiences in delivering Circuit Cards at a faster pace. They’re now able to meet the accurate PWB specs given by the industrial customers.

The service provider likewise targets aluminum Printed Circuit Board delivery. They are able to offer 1 Layer, 2 Layer, 4-Layer and multi-layer aluminum PCBs. With aluminium as the base metal, it can fully spread high temperature away from the circuit board. They’re able to provide you with aluminum core Circuit Card with a thickness, ranging between 30mil and 125mil. On the other hand, the spokesperson claims that they’re able to present aluminium PCBs with custom made thickness and a client can demand any thickness derived from their specifications.

MOKOTech can also provide you with the flex PCB Board, which has plenty of applications in electronic products together with other high-end products. With a flexible base material and a patterned arrangement of the printed circuitry, this kind of PC Board features a flex electronic assembly. Based on the spokesperson, their PCB can easily comply with a specific shape during its utilisation. The product could be extremely perfect for modern moveable electronic devices, hard disks and desktop printers and also other applications in the industries of telecoms, automotive, health care and a lot more.

For their quick Circuit Board delivery with the highly accurate specification, MOKOTech has emerged as a reliable enterprise for a good number of business buyers around the world.

Any company can obtain quick PCB at competitive prices by way of the site

Who’s MOKO

MOKO Technology is a High-tech PCB Manufacturer. Set up in the year 2001, MOKO Technology focuses primarily on double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards (up to 18 layers). Additionally, they do some high-end boards, such as Rogers PCB, Teflon PCB, high-frequency circuit boards, HDI boards, Aluminum boards, and Flexible-Rigid PCB. The company’s products are traditionally used in power supplies, computers, telecoms, optoelectronics, industrial tools, automotive and in addition electronic products. Their customers are mainly seen in North America, The EU, New Zealand, Australia, Russia etc.

Circuit Board Fabricators Located in PRC 2018

Circuit Board Fabricators Located in PRC 2018

Leadsintec Inc.

Leadsintec Co., Limited is an electronic manufacturing service (EMS) supplier located in Shenzhen since 2004. Being an ISO 9001 certified electronics contract company, we supply a selection of Printed Circuit Board, component sourcing, Printed Circuit Board Assembly, box-build, testing services.

Thanks to the previous 11+ years ample expertise of producing, Leadsintec has gathered an excellent reputation in China and worldwide. Our items are mainly used in the Electronic Devices, Industrial, Automation, Auto, Agriculture, Defense, Aerospace, Healthcare and Security market segments.

Our aim is to facilitate small, mid-sized shoppers in lessening their expenditure by offering all-encompassing solutions, high-mixed, low and medium quantity services. With our qualified program managers, procedure technical engineers, production team members and purchase experts, we’re ready to fully grasp and go beyond your wants.

Leadsintec’s fabrication establishments integrate clean workshops and leading-edge high-speed SMT product lines. Our chip placement precision can certainly hit +0.1MM on IC parts. It implies we are able to address pretty much all kinds of integrated circuits, e. g. SO, SOP, SOJ, TSOP, TSSOP, QFP, BGA and U-BGA. On top of that, we are able to deliver 0201 chip placement, through-hole part insertion and terminated product manufacture, test and product packaging.


PCBWING Tech Co., Ltd (predominantly for prototype)

PCBWING Tech Co., Ltd is on the list of China’s primary corporation delivering Electronic Board solutions, which is actually a partnership of three of the top ten PCB Board Fabricator in China. Our edges are quick-turn-time, small-scale quantity orders.
We are a fresh electronics contract manufacturer (ECM) located in Beijing, China. We are actually focused upon PCB prototype in the last 12 years. We’ve served well recognized firms or institutions all over the globe, for instance, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Toshiba, Jet Propulsion Laboratory of China, Altium, University of Cambridge, University of Wisconsin, Stanford University, Harvard University, Beijing University, Siemens and China Mobile. We have affordable charges, well-trained specialists and outstanding fabrication techniques. We recommended people to reach us and consider us as a solid partner for Printed Circuit Board fabrication services.

We offer:
High quality. Cut-throat pricing. On-time shipping.

PCBWING Tech Co., Ltd will be your dependable maker for PCB Board prototype service.

Reach Out to Us

Sales Office Contact:
Mobile: +86-15601330384
Address: Room520A, Heqiao Plaza B Tower No.8 Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Postcode: 100026


JY Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

JY Group includes JY Electronic and BLD Electronic, consentrate on the Circuit Board manufacture and PCB Board Assembly, the design of electronics and also mold shell. PCB fabrication and Circuit Board Assemblage, both Electronic Circuit Board prototyping and also mass production are welcomed, Electronic Circuit Board boards up to 24 layers. The majority of the Electronic Board Assemblage machines are produced by Panasonic, we’re ready to handle PCB fabrication and PCBA orders against customer’s demands. 100% E-test and functional testing for Electronic Circuit Board and PCBA before they are delivered to our buyers. We have attained multiple management qualifications including UL, ISO, TS16949, OHSAS etcetera. PCBs and MOLD SHELL DESIGN in response to the needs you have, we supply customized products and the mold shell design and parts purchasing service. we will procure the top quality materials in existence. Top quality, timely deliveries are our guarantee. Because of years of knowledge in this specific field, we have business collaboration with a lot of fortune 500 corporations similar to BMW, GREE, NIDEC, SUMITOMO and the like. We do wish to have a chance to serve you quickly. For more particulars please click our homepage:

Communicate with Us

Business Name: Dalian JY Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: Floor 1-4, No. 13-1, Youquan Road, Zhanqian Street, Jinzhou District, Dalian, Liaoning, China
Mobile: 86-411-66361648-806
Fax: 86-411-66361010
Email address:


Regarding STG

Turn-key PCB Board Assemblage service supplier

STG is a prime Circuit Board OEM in China, which offers OEM/ODM service for global consumers. With years of experiences, STG is not merely a manufacturer, but also a proficient designer for innovative ideas, new innovations based on buyers. Our range of products covers many various fields, such as gadgets, telephony, industrial products, car assemblies, medical equipment and so forth.

Our significant services contain electronics and metal casing fabricating, just like printed circuit boards Electronic Board fabrication, element sourcing, Electronic Board Assemblage, plastic/metal house build, die-casting and even customizable fabrication. With encountered office staff here at STG properly trained, their performance will be awesome.

Contact Us

China Shenzhen Office

TEL: +86-0755-27929725
FAX: +86-0755-27929724
Location: Huolibao Building 5F, Technology Park, Nanshan, Shenzhen, 518100, China.



A-TECH CIRCUITS CO., LIMITED is an agreement Electronic Board fabrication company based in Shenzhen China, which are pro’s at fast turn PCB Board prototype, small to medium volume Electronic Circuit Board fabricating and assembly services. It was established in 2003, with more than 550 well trained full-time staff members, we’re competent to realize output 15,000 sq.m per month, which include over 3000 types of rapid PCB prototype. The PCB (printed circuit board) we built are widely put to use for a range of electronic industries, like computer peripheral devices, aerospace, telecom, vehicles, health-related gadgets, camcorders, optoelectronic equipment and many others. Approximately 80% of our PCB goods are released to The European Union, America and Asian countries.

A-Tech Circuits usually stays with the thought of “quality first, on time delivery and customer pleasure”. As we give full attention to quality, cost, prompt delivery and uninterrupted advancement, we are able to meet particular needs from international high tech businesses. Further, We are already licensed: ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, TS16949 and UL (UL No: E357001) and likewise complied with the RoHs & WEEE requirement of leadless Electronic Board products thru SGS test.

We find out that there does exist a lot of competition in the Printed Circuit Board industry, yet we are certain that our commitment of top quality, service and fast turn around times put us in front of the curve. Not only will we demonstrate to you that we are worth your business and trust, but also we are going to show you the reason our clients often keep coming back.

To meet assorted client demands around the globe, A-TECH presents an extensive range of Electronic Circuit Board fabrication and service, and here is a list of the products and services we presently feature:

Rigid FR4 Printed Circuit Board
Flexible Printed Circuit Board
Rigid-flex Printed Circuit Board
Metal Core / LED PCB Board
Microwave / RF Electronic Board
HDI Circuit Board
Electronic Circuit Board Assembly

Get in Touch with Us

A-Tech Circuits Co., Ltd.
Location: JiaYu Building, ShaJiang Rd, SongGang Town, Bao’an District, ShenZhen , China.
Phone: 86 (0) 755 3326 0657
Fax: 86 (0) 755 2306 4829
Email address:



To thoroughly offer our customers professional services with quickest time and most competitive cost, YingStar Technology has its own Circuit Board manufacturing unit (built in 2002, nestled in MeiZhou City, GuangDong ), Electronic Circuit Board Assemblage manufacturing facility (established in 2006, based in Bao’ An district, Shenzhen City) and PCB Board design teams. YingStar can provide turn key services which range from PCB design, prototyping to bulk Printed Circuit Board Assembly production. If you’ve placed volume order to YingStar and your design is fresh and must be enhanced or modified in the realistic application, our professional technical engineers can provide you the effective support with no recharging any extra bucks.

Tough Fee

YingStar routinely store above 5000 popular parts from high-quality vendors and always work with the renowned electronic elements suppliers like DigiKey, Mouser, Element14, , Avnet, as well as Future Electronics to guarantee our supply chain system is smooth and support both the urgent needs and basic demands with shortest lead-time and very competitive rate.

Prompt Delivery

We are able to do the punctual delivery and shorten buyers’ wait time, simply because:
1, We generally stock over 5000 wide-spread parts;
2, We have probably the most experienced sourcing team and cooperate with internationally famous electronic components distributors;
3, We possess our own Printed Circuit Board and PCB Assembly production line;
4, We possess our own design team who is able to guide consumers to eliminate the sophisticated technical problems.

Quality Promise

We make certain that all the items we made are 100% qualified and have at the very least one year warranty period, but the condition is that all of the parts of the products are supplied by us (this include PCB, electronic parts and Assembling job). And for those products only partially services provided by us, we are only in charge of the liability of the services supplied by us.


We take care of all your information as very confidential and do our best to shield your intellectual property (IP) rights.

The confidentiality of your info is guarded with the next means and procedures.

Sanctioned access only: To exterior users, only validated users can access information that he/she is allowed to uncover. To internal users, access of information is on a need-to-know basis. Your information are compartmentalized and connected with number IDs. For illustration, our production engineers who can observe design files can only see project and customer IDs; our shipping will never showcase billing particulars; and our accounting cannot take a look at design files.

Security audit: We operate everyday security analysis to keep on our security specifications.

Deletion of information: We shall get rid of any certain info once asked for.

Speak to Us

Shenzhen YingStar Electronics Co., Ltd
Phone: 0086-755-27808878
Telefax: 0086-755-27316461
Office Address: #302, Jin Li Hua Mansion, Gong Yuan Road, Bao’An 31 District, Shenzhen City, P.R.C Zipcode:518101
Manufacturing plant Address: 6th floor, 2nd Building, Zhuguang East Rd, Chuangxin Technology Park, Xinli Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China


Asia Pacific Circuits – One-stop service for PCB Board

Asia Pacific Circuits Co., Ltd specializes in PCB manufacturing and Assembly, including prototype and production PCBs. Here at APC We supply high quality and cost efficient Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services – which include Printed Circuit Board manufacture, components seeking and turn-key PCB Assembly. With cutting edge manufacturing unit and modern technology, we satisfy consumers in a broad spectrum of industries.

We are committed to your entire satisfaction. Time to market represents how the company’s time-critical, One-stop manufacture services allow for customers to cut the time period necessary to develop a new product and convey them to market.

Asia Pacific Circuits establishments are ISO9001-2008 accredited, ISO 14001 (Environmental), UL Recognized, TS16949, TSTS13485 eligible, IPC-A-600 and IPC-A-610 3 compliant. We have a PCB Assemblage unit and a Electronic Circuit Board manufacturing factory in Shenzhen. Asia Pacific Circuits service spectrum covers – PCB Prototype, low to mid and high volume Printed Circuit Board manufacture and Electronic Circuit Board Assembling services.

After APC team members 18 years of meticulous efforts to establish a excellent sales network, We established a overall management system, earned the ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system certification. We possess a highly trained sales, PCB Board manufacture and PCB Assembling under a single place, upgrade the sales process and producing and testing hardware to make certain only qualified products are provided to the buyer.

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Asia Pacific Circuits Co., Ltd
Office Tel: +86-755-2758-4025
Office Facsimile: +86-755-2758-4028
Email address:
Office Address: No. 55A, Baoan Ave, Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, 518102, China
Plant Address: Gaoqiao Industry Park East, Yanlong Ave, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China


Kingle – Electronic Manufacturing Service Vendor

Kingle is an Electronic Manufacturing Service Specialist for global customers for virtually 9 years.

Since 2006, We supply PCB Design, PCB fabrication and PCB Assembly service to the world. With the company’s continuous enlargement of business, to fulfill customers’ demands, We enrolled more technical engineers, brought in superior machines, Up-graded to Electronic Manufacturing Service producers, Present our Purchasers with One-stop electronics manufacturing services. Our EMS comprises of PCB Design Service, PCB Prototypes & fabricating, SMT PCB Assembly, Electro-mechannical Assemblage, Box build & Cable Assemblage, Functional Testing, product packing, and even Materials procurement. Our goal is to be first class Electronic Manufacturing Service vendor.

Communicate with Us

Location: Block A, Longang Century Building, #23 Haixiu Rd, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, China
Contact number: 86-755-36972611
Cell phone: +86-18588202792


PCBWay, Printed Circuit Board Prototype and Fabricating

With over ten years in the realm of Electronic Circuit Board prototype and Fab, we’re devoted to meeting the demands of our buyers from assorted industries in terms of quality, delivery, cost-effectiveness and any other demanding requests. Being among the most qualified PCB Board Service Provider in China, we pride ourselves to be your finest partners and even good friends in the all aspects of your Electronic Board requires.

PCB Quality

PCB is among the list of most crucial parts of any electrical and gadgets. The quality of Printed Circuit Board determines The quality of all these gadgets. The today’s technology makes possible the miniaturization of integrated circuits, higher packing denseness and smaller layout size, thereby the higher demands on PCB show up. We fully understand the importance of PCB Board quality to our buyers and therefore we visually check every single board, and we electrically test them again ensuring the boards delivered precisely keep to your Gerber files.


As time goes by we are full of pride to have been preserving 99% on-time delivery rate. As We all know, apart from PCB Board quality, one another most essential point is the least amount of lead-time, that’s extremely important for specialists’ research and development jobs, especially in the phase of prototyping. We function in 3 shifts to ensure that your Electronic Boards will be transported as quickly as possible.


Our pricing table is apparent, without any hidden charge in it. Our price is probably the most competing, and is merely a tiny fraction of the dollars some U. S. or European makers frequently run you. Even a good number of cost-sensitive customers similar to learners and amateurs mostly believe in us for their Circuit Board prototype and fabricating orders. We try our best to reduce your spending and also time period.

PCBWay’s goal is to become the very best PCB prototype and small-run production producer across the globe! PCBWay do our best to meet your PCB Board needs!

Get in Touch with Us

Business address:12F,West No.2 Building, XinTianDi Business Center, No.71-8 ShiXiang Road,XiaCheng District,Hangzhou , China
Telefax: 86-571-85457578


Shenzhen Dashunchang Electronic Co., Ltd

PCB Fabricator From 2012

Shenzhen Dashunchang Electronic Co., Ltd, a electronic business devoted to single-sided PCB Board, double-sided PCB Board and multi-layer PCB, was founded in 2002, centering on rapid PCBA and large production. Our principal products are CEM-3, FR4 and aluminium PCB, and so on. Being the leading Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer, our everyday prototype potential is more than 3,000 models. Our customers are able to monitor their orders any time in our Electronic Board Online Quote Platform, including placing order online, browsing shipping information, checking shippment routine, and the like. Dashunchang constantly pay attention to supplying consumers with all kinds of favorable support, underline team members training and endorsed human-centered notion. Accordingly, we attain the popularity and compliments of some purchasers from China and worldwide

We feature 600 energetic, specialist personnel, and 60 admin staff and technical engineers. We possess a good number of enhanced computerized production lines and testing hardware. Our products are generally utilized in domains just like telecoms equipment, industrial power source, instruments, video, industrial controlling, LED, home security, Television box, digital audio, electronic playthings, conversion board, etcetera. We are certain to be the most significant, most pro and most effective PCB Assembly Maker in Shenzhen.

Short Historical past:

November 2002, Dashunchang Electronic was established in Shenzhen.
Dec. 2006, Achieved “Shenzhen Brilliant Businesses Honor”, and also earned UL and ISO certifications.
June 2010, Completely discarded old-fashioned running mode, Fully allowed consumer to utilize self-service system: placing orders, verifying on the internet, tracing progress, and so on, one-stop service.

Oct. 2011, Modernized equipment, Started using imported automatic lines and dry film processes, introduced 200 pcs testing devices and deliver free testing support for all of the prototypes.
February 2013, the everyday prototype capacity is at least 3,000 models.

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Advertising division: No.2713 NanGuangJieJia Building, NO.3037 Shennanzhong Rd, Shenzhen City, China
Manufacturing unit: 24th Building, North Yongfa science Park, Heyi Village, Shajing, Shenzhen
Tel: +86-755-33557673
Telefax: +86-755-83353824


Made-To-Order Electronic Board Plants Located within China Mainland

Made-To-Order Electronic Board Plants Located within China Mainland

YuCha Electronics Co., Ltd

YuCha Electronics Co., Limited, a major PCB Card maker and PCB Board Assembly service company presenting quality PCB Assy. Moved its PCB’A manufacturing plant from Taiwan to DongGuan City in the year 1999, which focuses predominantly on PCB Assembly & PCB Board manufacturing, and have our own Printed Circuit Board Fab lines. Yucha owns 25 years of electronic expertise in Made to order Circuit Board Fabricating, we’re always focusing on strengthening PCB Assembly and PCBA soldering technologies, technical engineers achieve practical knowledge with us mutually.

Particularly we should be thankful for great companies similar to Samsung, Sony and many others, who gave us chances to offer Electronic Board Mfg and PCB Assembly services to them. As we know that, technological advances are the ideal way to get the reliance of our clients.

Either the boards are on design cycle, or mass production section, a comprehensive Circuit Board design services would be offered to our consumers.Innovative equipment, expert employees and rigid quality system make certain that our boards suit the quality specs of world-wide buyers.

We know that, with the help of our powerful expertise and experienced sales reps, our fast care, promise of 100 % satisfaction and fair pricing will make us your very first choice.

Very soon, we’ll realize even higher technical specifications and bigger production volume by means of your support! Please consult us now!

Get Hold of Us

Contact Tel: +86-755-2321 9404
Telefax: +86-755-2807 0974
E-mail: sales1[at]
Address: Bldg. Number3, Dongfang Science And Technology Park, Shanghenglang, Tongsheng Community, Dalang Street, Shenzhen, China(Mainland)
Skype Identity: joe.hj1


Shenzhen HQT Circuit Ltd.

Shenzhen HQT Circuit Limited is a premium manufacturer of 2-26 layers PCB. We are experts in quick-turn Printed Wiring Board prototypes, small to medium volume electronic circuit board and PCB Card assembly. Set up in 2009, positioned in Shenzhen City, China, with above 408 highly skilled personnel and cutting-edge machines, we’re in a position to get to 20,000 square meters capacity per month.

Our business are accredited by ISO-9001, ISO14000, IPC-A-600, UL certification plus RoHS compliance. Our boards are commonly applied in telecoms, industrial control, electric power electronics, health related products, basic safety electronics, electronic devices, LED lighting, and many others. At least 80Per-cent of our items are released to European countries, The US, Canada, South America, Australia, South Africa, India, Middle East and many others. For the comfort of buyers, now we have delivered one stop service consisting of blank Printed Wiring Board fabrication, electronic circuit board assembly, FPC and Stencil for over 2,000 buyers globally.

We take great pride in delivering premium quality, huge discounts, wonderful service as well as punctual distribution. We love doing the job in hand with purchasers to set up a win-win co-operation.

Business Summary
We went to Hong Kong Electronics Fair and Electronica 2016 Munich, Germany.
We’ve presented specialized circuit board manufacturing & circuit board assembly services for approximately 2,Thousand clients.

We showed up at HK Global Sources Electronics Fair.
We did start to make available flexible and Rigid-flex electronic circuit board.
We introduced ERP software.

We We were accepted ISO14001.
We began to make 26 layers Printed Wiring board.

We started to offer PCB Card assembly and Stencil.
We were granted as a harmonious labor relations business enterprise.

We’re qualified by ISO9001.
We went to Hong Kong Electronics Fair.
We had UL certification.
We join CPCA (also referred to as: China Printed Circuit Association).
We had RoHS certificate.
HQT Circuit Limited was set up in Shenzhen, China Mainland

Contact with Us

Home office: Room No. 208~215, Zhifu Building, Pengda Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, China MainlandManufacturing unit Location: Penglianjia Technology and science Park, Shibi Village, Pingdi Street Office, Longgang District, Shenzhen , Guangdong Province China Mainland
Contact TEL: +86-755-83393378
Telefax: +86-755-83422990


2 Tailor-Made PCB Wholesalers In Asia

2 Tailor-Made PCB Wholesalers In Asia

Sunthone PCB Co., Ltd

Sunthone is a one-stop PCB & PCA service source, that offers design, manufacture, assembly, parts procurement, stencils and PCB’A testing services. For a start established as a PCB manufacturing unit, progressively more of our pre-existing PCB customers request us for fully Assembled Printed Circuit Boards sent to their door to detract all the time-consuming stress of component purchasing and assembly. With a purpose to match shoppers’ request and business craze, Sunthone advances into a turnkey PCB & PCBA solution provider allowing all of the connected solutions.

Design is one additional value-added solution, including schematic design, PCB design and full one-stop product design. Sunthone helps any project a one-stop solution from schematic design, printed circuit board design, prototype to production, with a team of pro technicians. It has triumphant experience in building household automation products, handy remote control systems and consumer electronics.

Sunthone contains ISO 9001 and UL certificates, thus all the products supplied are quality warranted with ISO and UL accreditation. Beneath such quality guarantees, our boards are generally utilised in a lot of areas, for instance Industrial Control, Burglar Alarm System, LED & lightning, Health related Systems, Power Source, Computing devices and Communications.

Sunthone is among the list of few PCB producers who possess UL certificate of heavy copper PCBs. The heavy copper PCBs are vastly used for power systems. The UL certificate covers maximum 6 Oz, copper both for single/double sided and multilayer PCBs. With such UL certificate, you’ll receive quality guaranteed PCBs, combined with a potential larger market place for your items.

Adaptability is another strength, We can provide many different services at bendable amounts from prototype to Bulk Manufacturing in a straightforward way, to fit distinct desires from buyers. Sunthone is happy to realize your feelings, able to collaborate with you,

Sunthone is in a position to provide amazing assistance for your PCB fabrication and/or assembling needs. Don’t hesitate to communicate with us for any criticism, or business queries.

Touch Us

Location: 7F, Tongfang Center, Zhongxin Road, Shajing St, Baoan Dist, Shenzhen City Zipcode: 518104
Contact Tel: +86-755-29182556


Wonderful Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Wonderful Technology Co., Limited was launched in 1996, Based in Shenzhen China. In the year 2002, it’s launched in Hong Kong, acknowledged as WONDERFUL PCB (HK) LTD. It has now run three production bases. We are dedicated to constructing and offering high-precision, high-density double-sided electronic circuit board s and multi-layer PCB boards. Our firm has the ability to supply you with manufacture services for samples, medium volume or mass production.

Our products are broadly put to use on a variety of fields, for example telecom, PC systems, health care devices, electronics and vehicle sector. With 16 years’ working experience, We presents customer-oriented and complete turn-key service. We now have received nice reputation in printed circuit Board market and are regarded as respectable maker featuring long term collaboration home and overseas.

We have been licensed by ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004 as well as UL. Our service implements 3TTQC system (Technology system, Training System, Quality System, Customer System) to permit larger fabrication full capacity, certified and trusted products, timely delivery, cheap prices and good service to really fit clients’ requires.
Our company’s purpose is to be considered one of the best rated circuit board providers with predominant performance and technology in China. We have now our own circuit board fabricating line and SMT line in-house, we do not subcontract your purchases.

Get in Contact with Us

Tel: +86-755-86229518
Telefax: +86-755-26073529
Production Line Location: GongHe GongYe Rd, XiXiang Town, BaoAn Dist, Shenzhen City, PRC.


PCB Producers for Your Fabrication And PCB’A Wants Positioned in China Shenzhen

PCB Producers for Your Fabrication And PCB’A Wants Positioned in China Shenzhen

MultiTech Electronic HK Limited

With MultiTech set up in the year 2006, we have been dedicated to offering exceptional service and dazzling price for PCB Large amounts mfg and Electronic Circuit Board prototype manufacture. We produce PCB prototypes to a maximum of 16 layers. With decades of experience in PCB board world, our workplace has used up 7,300 sqm., with approximately 420 staff members, the productivity volume month-to-month is in excess of 10,000 prototype projects with in excess of 25,000 square meters on bulk production. MultiTech is without doubt one of the prominent suppliers in China to present superior quality and 100% solid electronic boards, primarily give full attention to High-end and High-Excellence prototype PCBs, and small-to-medium-sized mfg, our products are largely used for Medical treatment, Telecommunications, Industrial Controller, PC, Aeronautics & Astronautics, and Defence & military industries. With scientific management, great and reliable quality, outstanding technique and experienced service, MultiTech has acquired ever more popularity from global clients and furthermore other circuit board manufacturer.

In the meantime, MultiTech has triumphed the accreditations for example ISO9001:2015, UL (Number:E362511), ROHS, nowadays we’re seeking TS16949 & certification for Military market.

MultiTech is competent to fabricate 1 To16 layers PCBs, the aspect ratio is 26 : 1, the max finish board thickness is 4.0 millimeter, max copper thickness is 12 ounce, min mechanical drilling hole size is 0.10 mm, minimum laser drilling hole size is 3mil, minimum line width / line space is 2.0/2.0mil. We get rich expertise in fabricating Heavy Copper PCB, Mixed Board, High Frequency PCB, High TG, High Precision Impedance Controlled Board, Flex-semi Board, Flex Board etc.

Delivery time Demanded: 24-hour delivery for double-sided PCB boards, 72 hrs for 4-Layer boards, we are working hard for providing boards on time with the most desirable price, allowing our customers to decrease their production cost and significant development cycle, this can be beneficial for them to take much more market shares.

Contact with Us

Addr.: HuangTian No.2 Industrial Zone, Bao’an Dist, Shenzhen , Guangdong Province PRC
TEL: 86-760-88290182
Facsimile: 86-760-88290182
Email: sales[at]
Skype Username: cjq.chen[at]


ALLPCB Platform

ALLPCB is the very first world-wide internet based platform with PCB prototyping and small-quantity PCB fabricating services.
Since the year 2013, ALLPCB has been working hard to provide the most very affordable PCB fab service and present offshore SME’s with full PCB design process and tech support from “Prototype to Production”. In an attempt to reach a fast reply to customers’ requests, we’ve set up a helpful service and support system. Our delivery performance, quality control, customer service and fast reaction to difficulties outcome our top rated position in PCB field.

ALLPCB gains advantage from distinctive assets in some elements:

1. PCB makers

Greater than 100 Chinese PCB producers have moved into ALLPCB producer community, providing 1 To 30 layers boards for PCB prototyping and small-quantity PCB fab. They include things like multilayer board, high frequency board, metal core board, HDI board and rigid-flex board. The speediest leading time could be within just 1 day. All the PCB manufacturer associates have passed on our tight on-spot evaluation by certified auditors regarding the surroundings, equipments, raw materials, accreditations and management. All the analysis reports are open and clear on the web, assuring the production capability genuineness of each PCB producer.

2. Components

ALLPCB works with around 30 renowned parts suppliers, supplying upwards of 5 million electronic elements readily available. At least 95% transactions can be assured to be shipped within 24 hours.

3. PCB Assembly

ALLPCB works in concert with around 10 PCBA makers with the capability of prototype and small-run manufacture in 2 to 3 days. Plus the pass rate of finished products actually reaches 99.9%.
ALLPCB comes with a ultra powerful team with more than 100 customer care employees and specialists. We offer you 24/7 service for overseas consumers by means of email message, business phone and actual time chat.
“Manufactured in China, Preferred among the planet” is the chase of ALLPCB these days. ALLPCB will try to realize the conversion from”Produced in China” to “Produced in the world”, making the expansion of world-wide SMEs less difficult and delivering the persons greater life with the assistance of science!

Connect with Us

Location: 12F, West #2 Building, XinTianDi Business Center, No.71-8 ShiXiang Road, XiaCheng Dist, Hangzhou City, China


China Shenzhen Eastwin Ltd.

Shenzhen Eastwin Limited is centered on electronic circuit board fabrication & PCBA (also known as Printed Circuit Board Assembly) based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, PRC. We provide you with all-encompassing choices, such as R&D support, prototype service, technical consultation, parts sourcing, printed circuit board assembly service, conformal coating, washing, in-circuit test, functionality test, burn-in test, enviromental test, logistics and after-sales service. We always work to provide the ultimate service to our customers with creative alternatives and constant board quality.

We have worked with some well-known customers who focus on advertising and marketing and designing. Our items are generally utilised in the security and safety, industrial, health-related, network, automatic, measurement, counter product and many other segments. With many years of working experience, we have accumulated a good standing among customers in the electronic production field for fair prices, affluent resources and punctual delivery. Our fab facilities include nice and clean workshops and progressed high-speed SMT production lines.

We have got ISO9001:2005, ISO14001, UL and RoHS certificates. Right now our everyday PCB capability reaches 1,000 square meters, and circuit board assembly is able to reach 100,000,000 units every thirty days.

We will remain the management thought of “Quality superior, Service supreme, Reputation first” to deliver the best service for our universal clients. We’re eager for remaining your long term partner!

Find Us

Name: Alex Ke(Marketing Director)
TEL: +86-755-23573370-803
Phone Number: +86-13420963146
Address: 4F, Building #2, Guanghui Technology Park, MinQing Road, Longhua, SZ, China Zipcode: 518109


Contracted PCB Manufacturing Experts  Based in China

Contracted PCB Manufacturing Experts  Based in China

EasyEDA Platform

EasyEDA is Interested In New Technology

We are manufacturers, hackers and technicians. When we decided to design and develop several electronic products a couple of years ago, we spent weeks time in search of the correct programs. We demanded schematic capture, spice simulation and PCB layout yet we required it not to be only for windows and we did not prefer the thought of needing to shell out big money to shop for a huge program suite and then invest several weeks learning how to benefit from it.

Our objective is to allow designers move on from thought to crafted prototype faster by giving you in-depth info and collaboration software for electronic design. Whether you are a novice wanting to sample your first project or a qualified engineer trying to find a production boost, our intent is to take off the tedium in bringing a innovation to our life. We would like to hear what you’re focusing on or any tips on the way we can help you, therefore don’t hesitate to email us.

In a nutshell, EasyEDA will bring you a less severe EDA adventure, helping you to appreciate more of the journey from a notion to a item.

Business Line And Prices

There are not any totally free business models; EasyEDA must support itself and for that reason it has to support the staff too.

Endeavoring to provide a disruptive innovation, we provide a quality zero cost net based EDA program, but nevertheless , we try to make money from a few other services, similar to supplying PCB dealings, PCB assembly, advertising and special project reviews by our competent electronic experts.

Please employ EasyEDA, we guarantee EasyEDA’s core features are absolutely free to every person.

Touch Base with Us

Location: 30A, Area A, Shennan Garden Bldg, Nanshan, Shenzhen City, Guangdong , China
Postal Code: 518000
Business development/co-operation:
All other inquiries:


HTD Group Circuits

Mantra: Your PCB manufacturing teammate in China

With more than Fifteen years practical experience, HTD Group is speedily turning into the good option for PCB makers in China. We’re satisfied to make superior quality products, and feature an excellent and thriving office for our more than 1000 staff.

For in excess of Fifteen years, HTD Circuits is dedicated to reaching the requires of our customers by serving up the most effective resources and tools to make being profitable easy and simple.

-Peter Cai, Boss

There are various worries in doing business on foreign soil. Not only do companies ought to be worried about time zone variations and language challenges, but additionally, that Printed circuit boards are made with branded materials and are completed on-time and on-budget! And for those unusual instances an order arrives with a problem, the confidence and trust that the manufacturer covers the issue efficiently .

To eradicate all these worries and to set us other than our opponents based in China:

Multi-lingual office members in China that speak several different foreign languages
100Percent flawless warranted
99% on-time supply
Price protection promised
Internet based ordering and ERP program 24/7
World-wide shipping and supply management system

We deserve the prosperity , it has taken Fifteen years of hard work and the capability to be bold in an ever-changing, international industry.

HTD Group Circuits is among the many world’s major and professional multi-layer PCB makers. Our love for gadgets and other semiconductors has made it easier for us to turn into one of the top PCB suppliers in the market. In addition to this, it has asked us to flourish above the bounds of our China and contact the world.

PCBs from HTD Group Circuits are the final results of the most advanced technological progresses in the domain of electronic circuit design technology. These are comprised of a number of various parts put together like a waterfall you can use to accomplish multiple functions all concurrently by producing a whole circuit. We make it a point to cover each of the components which have been assembled, to ensure it is straightforward to make proper use of it, no matter whether you are an expert or an novice.

As we all know, China possesses a outstanding market for electronics, steel engineering suppliers and manufacturers but their manufacturing skills are known way too. HTD Circuits as PCB producers operates a pretty big PCB plant which produces all kinds of PCBs you can imagine! PCBs can be printed in accordance with your private technical specs, ranging from one or two layers to those mounting to as high as 16 layers.

HTD Group Circuits is focused upon provide you the finest quality service. For this reason , all the PCB fabrication procedures is executed under the strictest QC and from the top quality supplies, under expert administration. We moreover supply you with quality aluminum PCBs, copper boards, laser cut stencils, flexible PCBs and quite a few other kinds of custom PCB that are great for your criteria and financial position.

Connect with Us

Addr.: Building No. D3, The third Industrial Zone, Fuqiao, Fuyong Street, Baoan Dist, Shenzhen City, Guangdong China
Email Address:
TEL: +0086-755-8146 2930
Telefax: +0086-755-8146 2931


About Project PCB

Project PCB – Chinese Excellent Quality Printed Circuit Board Producer

Projectpcb is a PCB maker which focuses on PCB prototype and low volume PCB fabricating. Since 2009, we have started to present advanced PCB manufacture service to overseas shoppers.

Specialist PCB Manufacturing At Cheap Pricing

Our PCB manufacture lines are based in China, this enables us to give superior quality, tight tolerance printed circuit boards at aggressive prices.

Discover our full offering of PCB manufacturing capabilities, you can simply get a hold of instantaneous online PCB quote without joining, we will respond to you on your PCB project through email or telephone.

10 Reasons why you are Getting Printed Circuit Board From Project PCB

Instantaneous PCB quote online free of being required to get an account.
In Time support services by knowledgeable employees
100% high quality Assured, our boards reach Class 2
All of the orders will be checked by our technicians earlier than going to fabrication
Good Deal promise, no unseen fees and supplementary charges
PCB fabricating services precisely for prototypes, small quantity orders, with short turn-times.
On-time shipping record with 70% orders shipped earlier
Free file conversion services, Electronic-Test, Cost-Free Solder mask color, silkscreen
We do not have any MOQ prerequisites.
Our Value: High-quality, Standing And Customer Satisfaction

We will work closely with you at each step of the process, From quoting, buying, quality and delivery, which will save you both money and time.

And in cases where you have additional questions about Project PCB or our services, please feel free to Communicate with Us whenever you want.

To get more information on the way we can help your business, visit our PCB fabricating, Printed Circuit Board Mfg Capabilities, Quick-turn PCB and fully featured PCB service.

Suitable for all sorts of contract PCB manufacture requirements!

From the initial step until packaging and shipping, we check everything to ensure that you get a performance product. Currently, we get the # 1 place. as a good PCB producer in China.